Is it really September? Wow. Where the hell has my life gone? Nine months have just slipped by and I'm not sure where they went or how I feel about it. *sigh*

So, my own personal challenge for the month is to post something here every day. Whether it's ramblings, fiction, fic ramblings, rants, whatever. I'll just sorta apologize now for the daily (hopefully) spamming of the flist. *huggles ya'll*

First, over at TtH there's this particular person that leaves ridiculously long reviews telling the author how atrocious their grammar is and that readers are clearly fleeing from their fanfic because of the awfulness of the grammar. If that was honestly true, if the grammar was enough to make readers flee, then it would be quarantined. The end. Obviously the grammar isn't as horrible as she thinks it is. I just...if you have to write 'I'm not a moderator' in your private review then perhaps you should reconsider your boilerplate review so people wouldn't assume such things. Just saying, you know?

I've been a recluse wench for the last nine months. I know that. I'm sorry. I just...I took this new job because the boating industry sucked and I was afraid that I would lose my job sometime this year and not be able to find another one. It's tough for me because there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I was sitting in my old office rather than a stupid, stuffy, dull gray cube. Cubes suck. They suck a lot. Ugh.

Good news, I'm housesitting near my old job so I'm going to work tomorrow night, Friday night, and Saturday helping out Robin (my old boss). Yay for extra money and double yay for seeing Robin and working with her. It's little things like this that brighten my mood and here's hoping the boating industry turns around...cause did I mention I hate my stupid gray cube?

Scary news. One of my best friends, whom I've know since I was three, has Cystic Fibrois. And she's 27, almost 28, which is great for someone with CF, but... Her lungs have gotten to the point where they aren't functioning like she needs them too and her treatment for her lungs is started to do harm to other organs...and they've put her on the transplant list. *bites nails* This is one of those catch-22s for me. On one hand it's gonna be great when she gets new lungs, no infections, easier breathing, a longer life, etc. On the other hand - scary lung transplant! Eeep! I'm sure F will be the content of some of these posts over the next month(s).

The five of us girls (friends since at least high school) are getting together on Saturday night to have a girls' night. Cause it'll probably be the last time we can all get together and hang out before F's lung transplant. According to Hopkins they expect her to receive new lungs sometime in the next three months or less. Again with the eeep! I'm looking forward to it though.

Posted my Sweet Charity fic a few weeks ago. I never did hear back from the person I wrote it who knows what she thought about it. And it really didn't get the response I was hoping for BUT it did manage to get nominated for The Devil You Know (best crossover) award over at [ profile] wicked_awards. *bounces* That's freaking awesome!!

Last night I wrote more in that verse, where Faith meets Ellen. I like what I've got laid out in my head. Hopefully it translates well to paper.

And one of these days I will write Buffy/Sam porn for the lovely [ profile] day, I promise!

And yeah, here endth the rambling...
You know, I really hate starting posts - I'm never quite sure what to say or how to segue into the beginning... Yeah, I make no sense.

So I'll just jump right into the latest fandom wank concerning Jensen.

There were some people that created a lj comm and a website that satirically mocked Jensen and his fanatical fans. They were served a cease and desist order and the site and comm were forced to be shut down.

I'd link to things, but I'm not in the mood to do all that html work AND most of the posts concerning this issue have been deleted and/or flocked.

I'm just going to start tossing out thoughts. They aren't brilliant, they aren't in order, and they might not make sense. But they are mine in regards to the events that took place.

I personally wasn't too impressed, amused or anything positive when I watched the illiteracy video. And I watched it with the sound off (due to my work computer not having any speakers). I didn't bother to go back and rewatch it once I got to a computer with sound because the visuals alone disturbed me. Yes, there was a video made about how Jensen is functionally illiterate.

I don't understand how these people are fans. I don't. I don't know them personally so perhaps I'm missing the big picture here. But I don't find the whole thing funny and obviously Jensen's management team didn't either.

I'm not happy that a C&D order was issued and a site and LJ comm were removed. It bothers me that a person's freedom of speech was just crushed. And yes, I personally didn't agree at all with the content, but I don't necessarily like the actions taken.

To contradict myself even further, I don't blame his management team for ordering the C&D order though. Seriously, if you stumbled across those videos and that site and saw your client getting displayed so negatively, you'd do something about it. That is why he has them, that is what they are there for.

And I don't think Jensen is a bad person, nor am I disappointed in him. I'm saddened to see fans quickly throwing him under the bus because of this decision.

I don't believe that fandom should always stand together. Clearly there are differing opinions from one person to the next. I do not want to stand behind the people responsible for the videos/site and say that I support them. I don't support them. I do think it sucks that their site and comm were forced to be taken down, but that is about all the sympathy I have for them. I don't wish them ill or any other nonsense, but meh.

The reason I posted this post is not to cause further wank. I just felt the need to ramble in my own journal about my thoughts and reactions to this.

I really just hope that Jensen never got to see the site and or videos and that this legal action was taken strictly by his management team.

EDIT: [ profile] vinylroad was kind enough to let me link to her post in regards to this whole thing. I feel that her post was exactly what I wanted to say, but a hell of a lot more eloquent than mine came out :) Here

Additionally, [ profile] idiosyncratic was also wonderful enough to let me link to her post, which again put into words what I was thinking. Here
This pretty much destroys me...

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition home in foreclosure


Why, why, why, would you take something that was given to you, via charity work from a tv show, but more importantly the community you live in, and take a huge mortgage out on it? Why?

It just frustrates me that the whole community dedicated their time and effort to build this family a huge, beautiful home, and the family has now lost the home.

Oh my god. This is one of those days where I wish it was done, over and just fucking done!

Seriously. Normally I would be thrilled that my office phone is ringing off the hook. That would indicate that we have business coming in, boat loans are getting closed, and I'm making money.

But right now I have stupid phone calls that are coming in. I shouldn't have to give a dealer a rate four times for the same deal in a 24 hour time period. I have stupid emails where people just won't listen to me. If I say that I don't have a file I'm not suddenly lying just to mess with you. It means that I went through the files and couldn't find the file. It means that I looked through my electronic files and found a partial file but no, the answers that you think are there are in fact not.


Please, please can it be 5 p.m. already??
When I get up this morning and check my email and find FIFTY-FUCKING-TWO comment notifications in my inbox it does not please me. Instead it pisses me off.

So I'm in the process of deleting the comments.

This shit stops now.

If you want to argue with each other take it out of my fucking journal. Go elsewhere. Fight amongst yourselves.

If I don't know you stay the fuck outta my journal with your bullshit.
Grammar. Why is it so hard????

Commas, semi-colons, oh my!

My head hurt already this morning and now it hurts more.

I have an issue with a particular author at Twisting the Hellmouth. And by issue, let me clarify that to she has a horrific sense of grammar, sentence structure and spelling, and when I quarantine her stories she gets pissy and feels like she is being personally attacked. And yes, I will be the first to admit that I do look at her account to see if she has posted anything new, and if it violates the site's grammatical rules I then quarantine it.

But one would think that she would figure out punctuation and sentence structure. And she has "improved" with the help of betas, but her betas aren't catching the mistakes either and I don't understand that. What is the point of a beta if they don't help you???

And now she has deleted all her stories from the site and I thought that would be the end, but then she reposted one story. And the has punctuation problems.

Examples (that I am making up on the fly here rather than copy her work - again):

Jane walks; the dog.

Jane walks the dog ; and sees her neighbor walking his dog.

Jane wanted to walk the dog ,but she couldn't find the leash.

Jane wanted to walk the dog but, she couldn't find the leash.

All four of those sentences are clearly made up but the grammatical use of semi-colons and commas is INCORRECT in each and every one of them.

I think I need to take some Tylenol. I feel like sitting down and betaing her work to show her exactly what she is missing. However, I'm fairly certain that my efforts will be a waste of time (mine and hers) and fall upon deaf ears.
So you know you read something and it has every bad - really bad - sex cliche in it? And you laugh out loud because it is so freaking bad that it's hilarious?

Yeah. Found one.

Only the worst part is that I think the author meant it be serious. *frowns*

Before you click on the link, let's just be clear that I'm probably going to be perceived as a big, big bitch for linking to this. And while I shouldn't probably point these things out I do. Do I sometimes wonder if I'm too bitchy to people? Yes. But then said people write things like you will find below and I start to think I'm not all that bitchy after all.

EDIT: I'm cutting and pasting the story here rather than link directly because apparently I have a tiny little heart.

Story Within )

Bad porn should not be allowed.

Words/phrases that should not be allowed to be put into porn lest it turn into a laughable thing:

erect member
her eager channel
he dumped his potent seed
She felt his hot cum as it shot out of him and splattered inside her. It felt so good!
he squirted his baby fluid into her
Some of his essence drizzled out of her but she didn't care.
making his rod rub her 'g' spot
She exploded in a shower of cum and lust as he emptied his seed into her

While I may be a bad person, I don't write bad porn.
Good fucking God people today sucks!

And surprisingly this has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with Valentine's Day!!

Seriously, there are too many of our boat dealers in the Washington DC boat show. And the banks have absolutely no idea what they are doing with rates and how long the discounted rates will be good for. And to top it off there are finance companies in the show that are advertising rates that are completely not obtainable for 99.9% of people, but people see the 5.5% rate and expect to get it no matter what they are purchasing, with no money down, and no matter how shitty their credit is.

Good lord, sorry for the rant. My boss is tense. I'm tense because of her. And my desk is a fucking mess.

Is it 5 p.m. yet? *whines and begs*

Oh, and there is a new, truly awesome looking Supernatural on tonight and unless I break the speed limits and sound barriers, I am not going to make it home, from the softball hitting clinics, by 9 p.m. And honestly, I think if I miss the first five minutes of this episode I'm going to be lost throughout. So, I'll have to wait until 10 to watch it. So I'll be avoiding spoilers and squees like the plague.
Because I'm bored at work (though there is tons of filing I could be doing) and because I'm annoyed at myself and a particular person - I'm going to post.

So, there are times, often times sadly, that I wonder where my brain is. About a month ago - before Thanksgiving - I saw this hot guy in Food Lion (a grocery store) and on a whim I gave him my phone number. He didn't ask for it, but I'm crazy like that and I just handed it over.

So he called me later that day - yay! Turns out he's married. Which I'm glad he told me about, but that kinda sucked. And it turns out he was much older than I thought, or I didn't get a good enough look at him or something, because he's 40. And before you yell and scream at me, I know that 40 is not old. I'm 26 though, and generally when there is that big a gap in age the people are at different places in their lives. Like this guy is married and has kids I think (which could very well be close to my age, a few years younger *hopefully*). So we talked, and I told him that I wasn't interested in dating and/or messing around with a married man. I appreciated his honesty and him telling me because I'm not that person (or at least I try hard - most of the time - not to be that woman that hooks up with involved people).

So, I figured that was the end of it. We kinda chit-chatted and then hung up. I haven't called or texted him since then - and neither has he. But then Friday he called me, I didn't answer, he didn't leave a message, and I didn't bother to call him back. Unless you are one of my friends, if you call my cell phone and don't leave a message, you are not getting a return call back. Does that make me kinda bitchy and snobby, perhaps, but if it was important I feel a message would be left. Yesterday he sent me a text, and I didn't answer. He sent me another one this morning and I just replied back with hi. And then he's sent me two more today. He wants to 'get to know me' and 'how bout it?'.

I don't even know what to say... I will say that I'm kinda dumb cause I screwed myself on this one. I am not sure that I even want to go into Food Lion ever again. I think I'll have to drive an extra five minutes to get to the Safeway. Yep. Definitely.

I'm just going to have to text him back and tell him that I'm not interested/available/etc. Dumb, dumb me. And he should know better. If you are a married man, you can not be just friends with the woman that gave you her phone number and thought you were hot. You just can't. It will not end well. The wife will find out. And then she will attack the dumb bitch hanging out with her husband (that would be potentially me), she'll key said girl's car, beat the holy hell out of her, and call her cell phone and say dumb shit like "This is XX's baby need to stop calling my man you whore". Trust me, I know. I've had two bitches call me, introduce themselves as XX's baby's momma and demand to know why I've been talking to their man. WTF? In both cases, I was simply friends - and only friends - with the guy. But it does crack me up. I had one dumb bitch keep calling on a restricted number. FYI, don't bother answering a phone call with a restricted number, it never ends well. I wouldn't answer, the bitch wouldn't leave a message, and so I ended up changing my voice mail on my phone to specifically stating that any dumb ass bitch that was going to call on a restricted number and not leaving a message was pissing me off and wasting her time. She stopped calling.

And I need to take a really good look at people from now on before I give them my phone number.

I'm going to put this behind a cut just because I'm going to be tossing out links and a pretty much full on rant - or half a rant - whatever my brain can muster this early.

Rant )

And here endth the rant.

I hope that you guys are all having a great Tuesday.

On a different note, I'm driving to work this morning and got goosebumps.

There is an overpass right before the Bay Bridge and right now there's a fire truck sitting in the middle of it. And it's got the ladder and bucket up high in the air and an American flag flying from it. Honestly, chills. It's not subtle, but it shouldn't be. It was beautiful. I'm glad they did it.
So, I normally don't post real life crap, but I decided to just go ahead and write it all out. Perhaps someone out there would be able to add some insight into the whole thing.

To recap:

I help coach a fastpitch girls softball team (the girls are 16 and under) and we travel to different states. Well at the end of July we were down in Florida for a week and I ended up staying in the house with the head coach (whom I have grown to dislike immensely) and the President of the Breeze organization and his daughter (one of our pitchers).

The week itself was awesome. The girls did amazing - they came in 7th out of 42 teams, in a National tournament no less - so amazing. And even more awesome was that I got to meet [ profile] avamclean. Even though I was a horrible host and made her come find me in the dark at some remote softball complex - she did, and for that she is made of awesome.

But back to the whole issue at hand. Jeff (the President of the Breeze and one of the parents) and I ended up spending a lot of time together - since we were living together. And while he isn't that bad a guy - he is married (unhappily), with four kids, and a life. So when we came back to Maryland - and the land of normal - he continued to stay in touch.

We've gone out to lunch during the week - as friends. And last week we ended up going to get coffee this past Sunday evening - at a Dennys, again a public place and as friends. But when I get back from dinner he sends me a text message to let me know that 'he doesn't tell people that we go out' and 'if anyone asks to tell they we're working on Breeze stuff'.

Okay - that sent off warning bells. And suddenly I had this whole - 'I'm a naive, dumb 25 year old that's accidentally stumbling into an affair with a married man' freakout. Yeah, weird, right?

The following night (Monday night) he and his wife are driving back from somewhere with two of his kids in the car. Apparently they get into an argument and Jeff tells his wife to pull over and he'll out because he is the cause of all her problems. Well she then proceeds to dump him out of the car and he ends up at a bar like twenty/thirty minutes from home. And, of course, rather than letting his oldest daughter come pick him up, he calls me. And me, being the nice - stupidly nice - soul that I am, tell him of course I'd come get him and drive an hour out of my way - sure.

So Tuesday I get flowers delivered to my work. With a note thanking me for picking him up and for putting up with him. Apparently he also sent flowers to his wife, saying he was sorry, and she threw them away. *snicker*.

I'm just thrown by the whole situation. It is awkward and starting to make me uncomfortable, but I'm not sure what - if anything - to do.

The flowers did go to a good cause though. Yesterday was my Mom's 56th birthday, so I recycled the flowers. She'll never be any the wiser.

I hate being an adult and getting into adult situations...

I'm normally not the type of person that posts personal shit to their LJ journal. I'm not. But I really need to be today because I was seriously on the verge of pulling my hair out today.

It has taken me the better part of my work day to get these wonderful (if not frustrating) SPN mood themes to load into my LJ. The better part of the day!!

What the fuck???

But now they all seem to be working and I will never mess with such a freaking awful task again!

Back to work (since I really have done much today).

And I just needed to use this mood theme because it is one of my favorites!



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