So, I'll better explain before I show the pictures. Over the winter of 2005/2006 one of the beautiful girls that I work with (for fastpitch softball) was diagnosed with leukemia. She had a tumor in her arm and she ended up spending months over the spring/summer of 2006 at John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Carlie was 11 (I believe) at the time and had to fight hard to beat it. But she did and it was a hard, hard battle, but she won and I'm so very proud of her. I told her, when she got out of the hospital and had lost all her hair, that I would grow my hair out and donate it on her behalf to Locks of Love.

I began my whole hair-growth project in October of 2006 and finally - finally - today I decided it was time to chop it all off.

So, I went in and had my hairdresser cut off 10 inches!! It was difficult, and I wanted to cry because I'd become really attached to my hair. BUT I know that someone out there is going to be so happy to get my hair as their wig.

Hair Cut Pictures )

I love my new haircut. I was fairly certain I was going to cry like a little baby, but I'm so tickled with it.

I'll let ya'll know how I feel about it tomorrow, after I have to do the styling myself!! Haha.
So, apparently someone thinks I'm cute...really cute...

Cut for the explanation )
Because I've been promising [ profile] satyrnfive for-freaking-ever that I would post these, here they are...

If you are so inclined, check them out. I went as Rachel Morgan, from Kim Harrison's The Hollows series. It was a crappy attempt at Rachel, but since Halloween isn't my thing, I didn't feel too awful.

Halloween Pictures )

And there you have it. :)
I don't exactly normally do this, but I figured why not - mostly because I love this picture!!! It's from my best friend's wedding in October. I was maid of honor. One of my really good friends and I were leaning up against one another for this shot, but I got rid of her because I'm not sure she'd want to be plastered all over the internet :)

Pic of Me )

Let me know what you guys think! :)

Off to go watch "Girls Next Door" - they are picking out new bunnies tonight! And you just never know what is going to come out of Kendra's mouth. :)



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