*throws confetti* Star Trek comes out today!

I will be headed to Wal-Mart later this evening to make my purchase! Woohoo!!
So, it wasn't until after I was looking at TV Guide's 2008 Fall Schedule and the Premiere Calendar that I realized I watched a hell of a lot of TV. No wonder I'm such a loser *wink*

TV Shows:

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles I am so very much looking forward to this second season. Hopefully it continues to be as good as the first few episodes. Plus, Brian Austin Green is seriously hot. If he was that hot on 90210 I probably would've watched. Wow. It doesn't hurt that Summer Glau is smoking hot either.

SUPERNATURAL Yes, it got caps! Woohoo! I am anxiously awaiting the return of this show... I've been a good child and refrained from spoilers. *bounces*

NCIS Grrr at the finale for last season. They better fix the mess that they created. The end.

Bones Yummy David. *pets him* So, the finale for Bones was also kinda grr with a side of argh. I'm going to reserve complete judgment until I see how they handle the situation this season.

The Unit I adore this show for so many, many reasons. And I'm looking forward to its return, though it has been shifted to a different night. Boo!

And if I happen to be home and in front of the TV I try to catch Samantha Who, Two and a Half Men, House, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and there are probably a couple others I am missing.

New TV Shows:

Dollhouse Oh how I love Joss. And oh how I love Eliza. I'd say I'd pray for this show, but I really worry its future is already sealed...Joss and Fox... Eliza Dollhouse Interview *hearts Eliza* She is so very, very beautiful. And Joss's Dollhouse interview (complete with Buffy Comic Spoilers) Here

The Mentalist I'm really looking forward to the return of Simon Baker. It looks like a good show, but basically feels like a mainstream version of Pysch - only less funny. Here's hoping Simon Baker remains on the air for a few episodes at least.

My Own Worst Enemy This can either be awesome or totally suck. I'm not sure how I feel about Christian Slater on primetime tv, but I hope the show (and he) does well.


Burn After Reading anyone? I am so there. And I think I'm going to take my boss along with me. The initial trailer that they released had me snorting I was laughing so hard. I so hope the movie lives up to how excited the trailer made me.

I'm very much looking forward to the Fast and Furious movie! Seriously, I can't even begin to tell you how much it tickles me that Vin Diesel is back as Domenic Toretto! You can see a trailer for the movie Here! Wheeee!!
Or thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dhark_charlotte (for helping me through my idiot moment) you can watch it below:

This isn't helping my girl!crush on Michelle, or helping me get over my long standing crush on Vin!

End Note:
Apparently I wanted to go out of my way with the html coding this post. Phew! I think my fingers might fall off.



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