Sep. 1st, 2009

Is it really September? Wow. Where the hell has my life gone? Nine months have just slipped by and I'm not sure where they went or how I feel about it. *sigh*

So, my own personal challenge for the month is to post something here every day. Whether it's ramblings, fiction, fic ramblings, rants, whatever. I'll just sorta apologize now for the daily (hopefully) spamming of the flist. *huggles ya'll*

First, over at TtH there's this particular person that leaves ridiculously long reviews telling the author how atrocious their grammar is and that readers are clearly fleeing from their fanfic because of the awfulness of the grammar. If that was honestly true, if the grammar was enough to make readers flee, then it would be quarantined. The end. Obviously the grammar isn't as horrible as she thinks it is. I just...if you have to write 'I'm not a moderator' in your private review then perhaps you should reconsider your boilerplate review so people wouldn't assume such things. Just saying, you know?

I've been a recluse wench for the last nine months. I know that. I'm sorry. I just...I took this new job because the boating industry sucked and I was afraid that I would lose my job sometime this year and not be able to find another one. It's tough for me because there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I was sitting in my old office rather than a stupid, stuffy, dull gray cube. Cubes suck. They suck a lot. Ugh.

Good news, I'm housesitting near my old job so I'm going to work tomorrow night, Friday night, and Saturday helping out Robin (my old boss). Yay for extra money and double yay for seeing Robin and working with her. It's little things like this that brighten my mood and here's hoping the boating industry turns around...cause did I mention I hate my stupid gray cube?

Scary news. One of my best friends, whom I've know since I was three, has Cystic Fibrois. And she's 27, almost 28, which is great for someone with CF, but... Her lungs have gotten to the point where they aren't functioning like she needs them too and her treatment for her lungs is started to do harm to other organs...and they've put her on the transplant list. *bites nails* This is one of those catch-22s for me. On one hand it's gonna be great when she gets new lungs, no infections, easier breathing, a longer life, etc. On the other hand - scary lung transplant! Eeep! I'm sure F will be the content of some of these posts over the next month(s).

The five of us girls (friends since at least high school) are getting together on Saturday night to have a girls' night. Cause it'll probably be the last time we can all get together and hang out before F's lung transplant. According to Hopkins they expect her to receive new lungs sometime in the next three months or less. Again with the eeep! I'm looking forward to it though.

Posted my Sweet Charity fic a few weeks ago. I never did hear back from the person I wrote it who knows what she thought about it. And it really didn't get the response I was hoping for BUT it did manage to get nominated for The Devil You Know (best crossover) award over at [ profile] wicked_awards. *bounces* That's freaking awesome!!

Last night I wrote more in that verse, where Faith meets Ellen. I like what I've got laid out in my head. Hopefully it translates well to paper.

And one of these days I will write Buffy/Sam porn for the lovely [ profile] day, I promise!

And yeah, here endth the rambling...



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