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Title: Running From Our Demons
Author: Demona aka [livejournal.com profile] azraelz_angel
Rating: PG15
Crossover: BtVS, Supernatural
Pairing: None at the moment – future Buffy(Anne) / Sam
Disclaimer: The characters of BtVS belong to Fox, the WB/UPN, Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc, & Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke, the CW, etc., The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
Summary: She wanted to get away, to forget her past, forget herself. She never thought she’d meet somebody in L.A.’s shady underbelly that was running just like her.
Warning: none
Word Count: 719
Author’s Note: Set after S2 of BtVS when Buffy runs away to L.A. Set pre-SPN, the summer before Sam attends Stanford.
Written because somebody wanted Buffy/Sam. *grins*
Beta: The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] kaylashay81. Thanks for the help and the title.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] twistedshorts's August Fic-a-Day challenge. August 2nd Entry

Now with fanart by the wonderful MistressAshley
Running From Our Demons

The overhead light buzzed and she looked up to watch it flicker, not sure whether it wanted to stay on or burn out like its companion. Her nose wrinkled at the unkempt nature of the store and not for the first time she missed normal, functional and clean grocery stores rather than the shoddy corner store she was subjected to. She let out a small sigh to blow the stray bleached blonde strand out of her face. She focused on the items on the shelf in front of her. Clearance. Items damaged, bent or in some cases past their expiration date. This was fine dining for her now when she wasn’t able to sneak a meal at the diner. She scanned over the limited food selection and yellow stamped prices before shifting up on her tip toes to pull a few cans down off the shelf. Her stomach rumbled, rolled uneasily as her hunger let itself be known. Her tongue snaked out to lick across her dry lips as she gave the shelves one last look. On impulse she grabbed another box of pasta and shoved it into her meagerly filled basket.

She turned on her heel, her sneakers squeaked slightly as she headed down the dimly lit aisle to the front of the store to check out. A tall body blocked her path and she jerked back to keep from ramming the person with her basket. She looked up and up some more before her eyes landed on a familiar face. A blush stole across her features as she recognized him as the hot guy that was a regular of hers in the diner. She didn’t know his name, only knew despite whatever he ordered he always left her a generous tip.

She could tell the minute he recognized her, though it wasn’t hard as she was still in her uniform. “Anne?” the guy asked, eyes not straying down to the name tag dangling crookedly on her uniform but instead staying on her face.

She nodded as she clutched the basket protectively close to her stomach, arms crossing under the handles to hide the contents. “Hi,” she offered with a tight, forced smile.

“You live around here?” he asked, curious, but she could hear the pity in his voice.

“Nah, just stopped by to pick up a few things before I caught the bus back to my apartment.” The lie slid easily out of her mouth.

He frowned and glanced down at her basket before stepping back and putting a little more distance between them. “I can walk you out, make sure you make it to the bus stop okay,” he offered with a smile, dimples appearing on his face and making him seem younger than he already was. He was a nice guy and he didn’t deserve to get messed up with her.

“That’s okay. I’ll be fine,” she quickly turned him down with an abrupt shake of her head.

“I’m Sam,” he introduced himself. “I come in all the time but I’ve never introduced myself,” he rambled, nervous and unsure suddenly.

“It’s nice to meet you Sam,” she replied as she took a step forward, forcing him back and to the side to allow her to pass. “I’ve got to catch that bus. See you later?” She tried to be polite but it was hard when all she wanted to do was run and hide and be alone.

“Good night Anne,” he called out to her as she moved past him, and got into the check out line.

He was still in the store, watching her under the guise of browsing the shelves, but there were only a limited number of items in that store and he’d had plenty of time to look through them all – twice. Unwilling to let him see the disgusting motel room she rented across the street, she moved under the street lamp to wait for the bus. With one hand she dug into her apron, fingers sliding through the change left over from her purchase. She had enough change to board the bus. She’d let him see her get on and get off at the next stop. The walk back wouldn’t be ideal and the money she couldn’t really spare, but she was too ashamed to let him know the truth.

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