I am back from my vacation! Woohoo!! It was awesome and wonderful and repeat that like a hundred times!!

Details to follow. Probably tomorrow or Monday...will be waiting on pictures from [livejournal.com profile] kaylashay81.
Lunch and a rainy stroll of a few DC blocks with Jrabbit was awesome. He's got a rather nifty British accent (go figure, him being British and all)! It is so awesome to meet and hang out with internet folk.

Early tomorrow morning I am off to Georgia to visit with L - one of high school friends. We're going to climb Stone Mountain after I fly into Atlanta, go white water rafting on Tuesday, and Wednesday before I fly out, I'll get a tour of the town she lives in now.

And then Wednesday evening I will be flying into Florida to hang out with the wickedly awesome [livejournal.com profile] kaylashay81 and [livejournal.com profile] avamclean!! *bounces*

I shall return to Maryland on Saturday evening.

It's a little nerve-wracking to leave right now, especially since F just got her lung transplant. But reports from her mom indicate she is doing well, off the ventilator and breathing on her own with her new, healthy lungs. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed the whole time!

Vacation - vacation! *bounces*
I am back!!!


I will have pictures and daily blogs sometime later (probably tonight or tomorrow).

*twirls* It is so good to be back.
So I've had this "post an entry" window open all day and this is the first chance I've had to jump in here and post.

I am headed out to San Diego tomorrow morning! Woo!! and Hoo!! I am so very, very excited about it. I'm really nervous about being on a plane for 5.5 hours, but other than that I am really excited.

I decide not to bring my laptop with me. I have lots of notebooks, all the details on the stories I am soooooo behind on writing. So I think I am good - hopefully I will be very productive in California!

I will be back online Tuesday evening.

Everyone have a great rest of the week and weekend!!
Woot! Earlier today I bought my plane ticket out to San Diego!!!!!!

My best friend works for the government and has to travel out to San Diego for a conference thingy and she, of course, needs company! So, I have to pay for my plane ticket and my food but I get to stay with her for free!!!!

I'm so thrilled. I'll be flying out of Baltimore on Wednesday, February 27th and returning Monday, March 3rd.

We're going to go to the San Diego Zoo! And hopefully their tiger fences are up to code...though I don't believe I'm going to try to taunt or slingshot shit at the animals. I have a little more respect for things that could eat me than that.

And she was originally born in California, Victorville I believe. So, she's going to take me to go see where she grew up, where she spent her childhood, etc. That really is awesome too. I've lived in the same house for all 26 years of my life - I can't imagine moving cross-country and starting over. But she's one tough cookie.

And, if time prevails, I will be *finally* meeting up with my California Boat Dealer! I do boat financing for small boat dealerships - that aren't large enough to have their own F&I person. So, they kinda outsource to us. But we've had this dealer in California that my boss and I have never met before - we do all our dealings over the phone, email, fax, and mostly FedEx - considering we're (my boss and I) are in Maryland. So, it would be neat to finally meet him face to face.

And I've never to California before. The farthest I've ever flown is to Idaho for a friend's wedding. I'm a little nervous - read: borderline panicing - about being on a plane for 5+ hours, but I guess I'll survive. Sara and I will just talk and talk and talk until we have nothing to talk about. We're good at that.

Woot! Woot! Woot! I'm so very excited.

So...is anyone else from the San Diego area?
Hello everyone! I'm back!!

I managed to survive my cruise down to Bermuda! And I know you are all thinking, how could that be anything but wonderful, but there were a couple rough patches.

Read the ramblings of my cruise )

I came home and my fucking laptop was dead. Dead. Dead! That wasn't the welcome home present that I was hoping for. So now I need to figure out if it is really dead or whether it needs help/fixing. So I might be in the market to purchase a new laptop - poop.

But on a happy note, the Sweet Charity auction is ending today, in just a few short hours, and I've got bids!! Bids!! People (other than [livejournal.com profile] satyrnfive) love me!! And don't get me wrong, I'm happy about the [livejournal.com profile] satyrnfive love, but it's nice that other people love me too :) :) :)

And to jinx myself, I appear to be doing well with my bids as well. We'll see. *crosses fingers*
Hey guys -

I just wanted to check in once more before I left for my Bermuda cruise!!

Yay!! I'm so very excited - I just can't help it.

Now I just need to finish packing everything up real fast and I'll be on my way.

Apparently the cruise has an internet cafe or something of the sorts, so I might be able to check my email there. Apparently you can take your laptop and get wireless in your room, but I'd be afraid I'd be a big loser and never do anything (cause I'm so addicted to refreshing my flist).

Everyone behave!

Talk to you later. I'm hoping to keep a journal of my cruise. And I'll post it in its entirity when I come back :)




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