So, I was really truly kinda hoping that I wouldn't ever have to update this whole thing. And I didn't post an entry that last time The Boy's name was mentioned in my presence, after our non-existent second date. BUT I'm going to ramble about that and my experience last night with him...

Last Night with The it isn't as exciting as it may sound *wink* )
So, [ profile] avamclean baby, was right and he called three days later. Apparently that rule works in Florida and Maryland - who'd have thunk it? So he called yesterday and we talked. He said that he wanted to get together and meet today (Saturday) and wanted me to get think up something to do.

So, I agreed, said I'd be thrilled to get together and was thrilled he called, whatever. And I was thinking up all the dorky-mcdorky things we could do (i.e. bowling, or Lights on the Bay) and I'm waiting for him to call me after he gets back from hunting.

So, at 11:46 this morning, I get a text message that reads:

I had a great time on Tuesday. Something came up. Dont want to lead you on. Would be glad to hang out as friends anytime.

I sat there, stunned, for a moment or two. And yeah, it sucks that he doesn't want to hang out and see each other more. And yeah, it sucks that I have absolutely no idea what the hell happened between 5 p.m. yesterday when things were great and 11:46 a.m. this morning. But I will confess the thing that really sucked - and I do mean really - is that HE ENDED IT OVER A FUCKING TEXT MESSAGE. /rant *clears throat*

Better now, I swear.

Yeah, so now I have the distinct honor of being one of those poor fucks, that I used to laugh about, that got dumped over a text message. WTF?

And I sent him the following text message back:

A phone call for this would have been nice. Im sorry things didnt work out.

Yes, I could and probably should have been not so nice. But it was only date we had been on. And yeah, we were planning another date that evening, but one date....

And honestly, the boy and this dumb ass situation, is exactly the reason that I hate dating. I always get fucked over.

So, I'm deleting his number out of my phone. I'm going to delete the call records, the text message and the reply. And I'm going to send Molly, the wonderful girl that hooked us up, a short little email. And I'm not going to be a bitch. I am actually going to be nice. Because I'm not sure that she would have ever done this to me if she realized it was going to not work. Who knows, maybe he will mention it to her and she'll be able to tell me what the hell happened that ran him off...

*le sigh*
*snicker* I need to start calling him Brian instead of the boy - but I just love having an internet codename for him - so the boy it is.

So, we ended up meeting last night at a Mexican restaurant in town. Meeting for food is always a little dangerous - because I'm always terrified that I'm going to end up with food all over me. Luckily for me - I didn't. Yay!

He is cute. Dirty blonde hair with these amazing blue eyes. And he is an assistant project manager at a construction firm and he's doing some online courses to get better educated in this field.

He played rugby in college. And anybody that knows anyone that played rugby - it is a lifestyle - a whole way of living. I knew the rugby players at my school, and we weren't that serious of a team, but they were all tight. And they were tight with the girls rugby team as well.

Um...he started riding horses recently because it is something that he was interested in doing. Yeah, I rode horses for the better part of my early childhood. I started riding when I was 7 and ended up stopping when I was about 15. I had to choose between softball and horseback riding, and I chose softball because I thought I would have a better career at it. I don't regret my decision because I love softball, but I think I would have perhaps had a better career - could have gone further and broke - if I had stuck with horses.

We ended up departing company at about 10:30. He said he had a great time, I had an amazing time. He was trying to figure out when he could see me again, but with Christmas coming up our schedules are crazy!! So, he said he would call me. I'm not sure how long he's supposed to wait to call, to be cool or whatever, so I'm kinda just waiting.

I had a good time though - it's been way too long since I've been out on a date.
So, I have been in contact with my mysterious boy (read about it here).

We've emailed back and forth once and then I gave him my phone number. And we have set up a date for Tuesday night. He suggested Mexican - yay! a boy after my own heart (though I only eat like chicken tacos and nachos) - I'm going to have to pass on the onions though (damn it, love them).

Do ya'll know how long it's been since I've been out on a date? Years. I'm not even sure how to date. I was thinking about it last night, and freaking out a little, but then just decided 'what the hell'. He'll either like me or he won't.

I'll keep you all updated as it goes along.



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