Lunch and a rainy stroll of a few DC blocks with Jrabbit was awesome. He's got a rather nifty British accent (go figure, him being British and all)! It is so awesome to meet and hang out with internet folk.

Early tomorrow morning I am off to Georgia to visit with L - one of high school friends. We're going to climb Stone Mountain after I fly into Atlanta, go white water rafting on Tuesday, and Wednesday before I fly out, I'll get a tour of the town she lives in now.

And then Wednesday evening I will be flying into Florida to hang out with the wickedly awesome [ profile] kaylashay81 and [ profile] avamclean!! *bounces*

I shall return to Maryland on Saturday evening.

It's a little nerve-wracking to leave right now, especially since F just got her lung transplant. But reports from her mom indicate she is doing well, off the ventilator and breathing on her own with her new, healthy lungs. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed the whole time!

Vacation - vacation! *bounces*
It is so miserable outside!

Still no word on F, but since I haven't heard anything from her and they weren't at their house this morning when I stopped by to check on the pets I am going to assume the transplant was a go and now we wait.

Well, off to DC to meet up with Jrabbit! Wish it wasn't raining...



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