...and I'm going to miss it! :(

I have a late softball game tonight that starts at 7:45 p.m. I fully expect to get crushed in a relatively quick fashion but that still will not provide me the time to drive half an hour back home to get here by 9 p.m. And my VCR died last year (haven't had the funds to replace it yet) and we don't have the modern wonderfulness that is DVR/Tivo. Guess I'll have to purchase it from Itunes later in the week. Oooh I did get a $5 coupon from Amazon for ordering Fast and Furious - wonder if that extends to TV episodes...

Definitely missed the finale of Leverage last night and another episode of Dark Blue. I'll have to go download them or figure out when they are reairing - though if I'd thought about it, I could have watched Leverage after Dark Blue last night... *Sigh*

My Pop-Pop's in the hospital and I had to go visit him. He let a bladder infection get so bad that his kidneys were almost shut down and barely functioning. Another day...another day and the kidney specialist said it wouldn't have been pretty.

And I'm off to work :) Have a great Supernatural Thursday everyone!
Just got back from having a rather yummy dinner with the family - it was my little brother's 26th birthday. Sheesh we are getting old! Haha.

I um...joined [livejournal.com profile] spnland - Go Team Dean! We'll see how that works out.

Everyone and their mother is joining [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots and I'm so ridiculously tempted to join in on the fun. Especially because they have like 10 tables to choose from, and one of them is a kick butt picture prompt table - wheeeeee!

And [livejournal.com profile] avamclean - there is a Lusty/Smutty table....that I'm rather tempted to fill with Buffy/Sam goodness... Thoughts?

Had a great time, super freaking time really, last night with the girls. Seriously, it was great to get us all together. To just find the time to hang out with one another despite the crazy shit that is going on with each of us. It's been a bad, bad year for everyone - the pending lung transplant for F, a miscarriage, a probable divorce, grad school graduation problems, house hunting problems, blah. It sucks that everyone else is having problems too, but at least I'm not alone in having a crappy year. Though really, my crappy year doesn't even compare to the issues that my girlfriends are going through. *hugs them tightly*

One more day of dogsitting and then I'll be back home for awhile.

Well I need to run off, eat some birthday cheesecake (it's what J wanted) and then head back to the pooches!
So, I learned last night that my Grandmother (my dad's mother) is more of a basketcase, crazy woman then I originally had thought.

She told us about this telemarketer that called, from The March of Dimes (a good charity organization). Apparently my Grandmother answered the phone, said 'hello' three times before the telemarketer on the other end said 'hello' for the first time.

My Grandmother then told the telemarketer that she had said 'hello' to her three times already, and then blew a whistle in her ear before hanging up. A whistle, over the phone, in the poor March of Dimes' lady's ear! WTF Grandmom?

Apparently my Grandmother was given this idea by one of her old lady friends, who suggested keeping a whistle by the phone for obscene phone calls. I don't consider a nice lady from the March of Dimes obscene. I'm just glad I wasn't on the other end of the phone - I would have been pissed... and deaf!!!

It's times like this that makes me really miss my Mom-Mom (Mom's mom) who passed away a few years ago.



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