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TITLE: In The End (it doesn’t even matter)
AUTHOR: Demona aka [livejournal.com profile] azraelz_angel
SUMMARY: Faith set out that evening looking for trouble. What she found was John Winchester.
SPOILER WARNING: Post Chosen for Buffy Pre-Supernatural Season 1 for Supernatural
WARNING: Graphic Hetero Sex
WORD COUNT: 11,000+
BETAS: [livejournal.com profile] kaylashay81 & [livejournal.com profile] avamclean - without these two, the story would be a horrid mess of repeating words, bad grammar, and inconsistencies. Thank you both.
"A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend." - I do not own any of the characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel the Series, they belong to Fox, the WB/UPN, Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. The characters of Supernatural belong to Eric Kripke, The WB, The CW, etc. The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

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Written as a Sweet Charity piece for brynwulf, who was wonderfully patient in dealing with my wayward muse. She wanted: John Winchester/ Faith Lehane, with some dubcon sex, Faith pushing hard at John and John having age issues.


The place was a dirty, rather disgusting dive. Faith admittedly didn’t have all that high of standards when it came to a watering hole, but this place had her raising an eyebrow as she walked in. Of course, vamps don’t have standards like normal people, but why they’d want to be in a town this rundown was beyond her.

She ignored the looks she was getting as she moved into the bar, letting the door swing shut behind her. She was new in town, different from those that would normally pass through this podunk town. And she stood out like a sore thumb in her tight jeans, low cut tank, and leather jacket. She did a cursory scan of the bar, eyes flickering over each patron before she was satisfied the vamps weren’t here, and that she was the baddest thing in the bar. She stepped forward, carefully putting one foot in front of other, trying not to step in any of the piles of unidentifiable substances on the floor. Shit, this was place was a dump. She made her way to the bar, gingerly sat down on the cleanest of the empty barstools and flagged down the bartender.

She was an older woman, Faith guessed late fifties to early sixties though she looked years older. Working nights at a bar, drinking and not eating right would do that to a person. Of course, Faith couldn’t fault the woman; it was how she lived her life too. She didn’t plan on seeing old age, even with all the new slayers out there helping to save the world.

“What’ll ya have?” the bartender asked as she stopped in front of Faith.

“Whatever’s dark on tap,” Faith replied. The woman gave her a look before nodding and turning to pull a mug out of the cooler and pouring her beer.

She set the foaming mug down, a bit sloshed over the side and onto the bar. “That’ll be three dollars,” she said and Faith pulled a few bucks out of her pocket and tossed them on the counter. She turned on the stool, putting the bar at her back so she could get keep an eye on the place. Taking a better look at the bar only served to make Faith want to get outta there and take a shower. She’d been hoping for some sort of entertainment for the evening to pass the time until she could figure out where the vamps were hiding out. But it looked like she’d have a couple beers and be on her way.

She took a sip of the cold beer in her hand. It was decent, certainly not the best brew she’d ever had but it’d do.

Loud, angry voices drew her attention over to the pool tables where several men with pool sticks had started to gather around one man in particular.

She took another long swallow and strained to hear the conversation. It got a whole lot easier when the bar grew quiet at the prospect of a brawl.

“I reckon you best be giving us back our money,” one of the men said as his hands tightened around the pool cue.

The man he was talking to was good-looking and looked solidly built despite the leather jacket and layers designed to camouflage his body. He certainly looked like he’d thrown a punch or two and taken a fair bit more. He didn’t have anything but a stack of money in his hands but the cue he’d been playing with was in easy reach.

“Wasn’t a problem for you to take my money earlier tonight. But it’s a problem now that it’s yours?” the man replied as he folded up the bills. He carefully tucked them in the inside pocket of his jacket, not taking his eyes off any of the men surrounding him.

“You’re a cheat,” another man called out. “Think you can come in here, hustle us outta our money and just drift away?”

“Only problem with being a drifter,” the leader started as he tossed the cue back and forth from hand to hand. “No one there to watch your back,” the leader commented. “So give us back the money and maybe you’ll get outta here with a light beating,” he finished.

“No,” the drifter quietly replied.

“Alright then.” There was a moment where everyone held their breath and then the leader moved forward to attack.

Faith took another swallow from her beer before she slid off the stool and slowly made her way toward the fight. The drifter appeared to be holding his own for the moment but it would only be a matter of time before he was taken down due to numbers not skill.

Faith made it right to the outskirt of the fight when the drifter’s cue was knocked out of his hands. He took a wicked punch that sent him sprawling into the pool table.

A slow smile spread across her face as she gripped the mug by its handle. She’d been looking for something to pass the time. The mug smashed against the side of one guy’s head, shattered and dropped him completely. Faith stepped over his unconscious form and threw herself into the fight.


As they burst through the back door of the bar, Faith cast a quick glance behind her, searching for the men that Tall, Dark and Ruggedly Handsome here had pissed off. Taking hard earned money from the locals over a pool game caused some hard feelings. But when they suspected you of cheating, of being a pool shark, things got ugly fast. She didn’t see anyone following them, but that didn’t mean they weren’t just putting together a crowed first.

“We should get out of here,” Faith suggested as the door shut behind them. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, but they finally did, allowing her to dimly see the man a few feet away from her. He was breathing heavily, his eye was starting to swell from one of the men had gotten in a lucky shot. Faith could feel where one of the men had hit her, not even holding back when they realized she was a woman. Yet another reason she hated podunk towns and their ass backwards thinking.

“Yeah,” he finally agreed, his voice was rough from the whiskey he’d been drinking and the fight.

“This way,” she said and moved deeper into the alley. She heard his steps cautiously following behind her. It wasn’t the first time Faith was grateful for her enhanced night vision. Trudging blind through the dark was never fun.


She was thankful for the inky darkness when she peered around the building corner and saw the flashlights bobbing as several men made their way down the alley. The beam’s light swung in her direction and she jerked backwards, scraping her shoulder against the brick as she barely avoided getting seen. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly before turning to face the man as he leaned against the wall next to her.

“How many?” the man quietly whispered, close enough she could smell the beer on his breath and the blood from his split lip.

“Four flashlights. At least three others.”

He sighed. “Guns?”

She shrugged silently but then remembered that he couldn’t see her. Sometimes she missed the company of the other slayers, sometimes. “None that I could see. I’m guessing bats and crowbars though,” she honestly answered. “Any idea of how to get us outta here?”

“Us?” She could hear the confusion with a slight trace of sarcasm in his voice.

“Yeah us. If I hadn’t jumped in and saved your ass, you’d have the hell beat outta you by a bar full of dumb hicks. Woulda served you right though,” she explained. “Go back. We’re gonna have to come up with a different plan unless you wanna stick around and fight some more.” Faith pushed him back the way they’d come, hoping he’d see well enough to avoid tripping over anything and alerting the group to their location.


She looked up, searching the walls for a way out. If she was alone she’d have been long gone, easily sneaking past the group even with their flashlights and weapons, passing close enough to them to hear their heartbeats. But she had a civilian with her and even though he’d tried to take the locals’ money, he didn’t deserve to get the beating they were looking to dish out. Her eyes focused on the slick black metal of a fire escape.

She tapped the guy’s shoulder to draw his attention as she pointed up. She could see him squinting, trying to figure out what she was pointing to. She finally saved him the potential headache of straining his eyes and whispered, “Fire escape.”

“How high up?” he asked, still searching for it.

She sucked in a breath and did the calculations. Too high for him to make it on his own – that much she knew for sure. “You’re going to need a boost,” she replied.

He drew in a sharp breath, and Faith could only imagine the reply he was going to spit out - that he didn’t need a boost and shouldn’t he be the one giving the boosts? But they didn’t have time. She could hear the group of men closing in on their location. It would less than a minute before they passed this alley and found them. They were out of alleys, out of other places to hide and out of time. The second group of men that had tracked them out the back of the bar were also closing in.

“No time,” she cut him off and pushed him across the narrow space and underneath the fire escape.

“No, I don’t even see the damned thing. There is…” he started to complain, careful though to keep his voice down.

“Give me your foot. It’s directly above you. Just jump and reach,” she instructed and held out her hands.

She could clearly see the dirty look that he gave her. “We don’t even know if it will hold my weight, let alone two of us,” he argued, and it was a shame it was a valid point.

“If you have a better suggestion that can get us out of here in the next ten seconds, I’m all ears, but they are going to come around that corner any second now, and I’d prefer not to be visible when they do.”

He fumed for a second before tilting his head back to look above him and swallowed heavily. “Right above me?”

“Yeah.” Faith breathed out a small sigh of relief that he was going to go along with this.

He backed up a step, took a deep breath and then quickly moved forward. His foot came up, and she moved her clasped hands underneath his boot, and pushed up, using his momentum and her slayer strength to toss him high enough to grab the fire escape. She heard him connect with the metal, fingers scrambling to find their hold, and then silence. She looked up, relieved to see him dangling from the side and already pulling himself up.

She heard the voices of the men, not even trying to be quiet as they searched for them. They were right outside the entrance to this dead-ended alley and Faith had precious little time to get up and out of sight. She backed up a few steps and sprinted forward toward the brick wall. She jumped, her right boot connected with the wall, slipping slightly when it found no solid purchase, and she propelled herself upward. She caught the bottom of the escape, strong hands gripping the metal, and the metal groaned under the movement and her additional weight. She held her breath, waited to see whether it would hold them or come crashing down. Luckily it held. The man’s hands were reaching over the side of the escape to help pull her up over the railing and into the relative safety.

“So what makes you think we’re any safer up here than we were down there?” he asked her, scooting over to give her room to crouch down.

“People never look up for the baddies,” she muttered. She’d made it just in time, as the two groups of men converged on the mouth of the alley.


“So what now?” the man whispered as they watched the two groups huddle together just outside the alley. They had given the alley a cursory glance, completely avoiding shining their lights up the walls and into their current hiding spot. “Don’t suppose you’ve got an escape plan worked out too?” he added with a soft chuckle.

“I’m not usually the brains of the operation,” Faith whispered back and gave a small shrug.

“You see any other way out of here other than dropping back down and announcing our presence?” he asked her as he looked around, probably not seeing anything in the complete darkness.

“Waiting,” Faith shot back quickly, and a smirk tilted up the corners of her mouth.

“I’m not really…patient,” he grumbled and readjusted his sitting position. He was now back to one side of the escape, his legs lazily sprawled out, bent at the knee, and his feet flat against the grating. Faith couldn’t help it as her eyes traveled over his body. Despite the fact he was possibly old enough to be her father, he was good-looking and in great shape, his body toned under the multiple layers and that especially hideous plaid shirt. Faith had been and always would be a sucker for violence. The fact that this guy could handle himself in a fight had caught her attention and drawn her into the fight that she had no interest in.

A wicked idea began to form in her mind as she carefully and slowly made her way across the short distance, putting herself directly in his space.

He flinched back as soon as she saw him, unprepared for her to suddenly be so closely in his space. “What’re you doing?” he bit out, voice sharp but silent enough that he didn’t draw the men’s attention.

“Passing the time,” she answered, smiling wide enough that she knew he could see the white of her teeth even in the dark.

“What-“ he started to ask but she closed the distance and pressed her mouth against his parted one.

He froze, body tensing up underneath of her, but he couldn’t move, couldn’t make a sound for fear he would alert those below of their location. Her tongue snaked out, gently tracing along his lips before she pulled back. His breathing had increased; she could hear his heart racing more than it had moments before while they were looking for a place to hide.

“Just sit back and relax, Pops,” she whispered against his lips, tongue darting out to lick her own. “This won’t hurt a bit,” she added with a low chuckle.

She saw him open his mouth, an objection about to come out, when Faith’s hand slid down his chest and cupped him through his jeans. His mouth snapped shut, teeth clacking together, as he fought to keep the moan as quiet as possible.

“Ssshh, wouldn’t want to alert them to where we’re hiding,” Faith teased as she gave him a squeeze.

He glared at her as his teeth sunk into his lip, even as his hips thrust up against her hand. Despite his protests, and perhaps his common sense, Faith could feel him growing hard against her palm. She scooted back, careful not to catch anything on the fire escape that would make noise, putting herself in a better position to bend down between his legs. It took only a few seconds to slide the belt out of the buckle, pop the top button on his jeans and slide the zipper down.

She moved her hand into the opening, immediately coming into contact with his hot flesh. So, Mr. Dangerous went commando, even better. Her fingers circled him, making a slow slide up from the base to the tip of his cock. He grew in her hand as she continued the motion, jerking him off with a loose, teasing grip. She heard the muted groan he let out and she wondered whether he was going to be able to keep quiet long enough to keep them safe.

Bracing one hand on his hip for balance, she ducked her head down, lips coming into contact with the head of his dick. Her tongue came out to give it a quick lick, tasting precome, before she opened her mouth and slid down the length of him.

One hand slid into her hair, gripping it hard enough to bring tears to her eyes, but he didn’t pull her off. After a moment, he relaxed his hold, and she pulled back off of him. With her tongue she traced the vein from base to tip, before circling the head and sucking, tongue flicking against the slit and drawing out more precome.

She slid her lips down again, taking him in and settling up a rhythm as her head bobbed up and down. His hand flexed in her hair with the pace she was setting. Her hand slid off the base of his dick and pushed further into his pants to trace a finger against his balls before cupping them and rolling them around in her hand. His hips jerked slightly, his dick sliding further down her throat and she swallowed, causing a strangled gasp to escape his lips.

She’d hand it to him because he was doing a damn fine job of keeping his mouth shut through this.

She stretched her middle finger back just behind his balls to rub against the sensitive skin, pressing in as she continued to cup his balls and she added a slight scrape of teeth against his dick.

When he came, flooding her mouth, his legs jerked into a straight, prone position and the fire escape groaned from the movement. They both froze, expecting several flashlight beams to illuminate their hiding space. Faith quietly spit the come out of her mouth and glanced down to the mouth of the alley, but it was completely vacant. Faith let out a slow sigh and shot the man a glare he probably couldn’t see.

“Well you almost blew that,” Faith muttered as she rocked back into a crouch position, leaving the man sprawled out underneath her, pants still open and dick lying spent against his stomach. She swiped the back of her hand across of her mouth wiping off the spit and excess semen. “They’re gone,” she explained as she rose to her feet, the metal groaned but she didn’t bother another look at the alley entrance. She couldn’t hear or feel anyone but the man beneath her.

“Are you sure?” he finally asked, his whiskey-rough voice smoothed out and relaxed from the blowjob he’d just received.

“Yeah, so you may wanna put yourself back together and get outta here,” she suggested as she gripped the railing and threw her leg over, preparing to hop down.

“You didn’t…” he started and trailed off as he tucked himself back into his pants and started to put himself back together.

“Time’s up,” she offered with a shrug and swung her other leg over the railing. It was a decent drop but she’d be fine and she guessed he would be too.

“Uh…thanks,” he offered and she saw him scratch at his head in an awkward movement. Faith watched those hands and a shudder went through as she remembered them gripping her hair, directing her as she sucked his dick. It was a shame he hadn’t had a chance to put them to use on her.

“For what? Saving your life or that fantastic blow job?” she asked, holding back the laugh but she knew he could hear it in her voice.

“Both, I guess,” he answered with a chuckle of his own.

“You’re welcome,” she answered and hopped down off the escape. The pavement was hard as she landed, jarring her from her legs up her spine, but she absorbed the shock and stepped forward.

She didn’t look back to watch him make his way off the escape. She did hear the escape rattle as he climbed over the side and pushed off. She heard him land hard on the pavement and his muffled curse followed by footsteps behind her. This wasn’t the plan she’d had for the evening, but it turned out alright.


Two days later

Faith applied the brakes and the truck slowed to a crawl on the shoulder of the road. She cut the lights and the road plunged into darkness. It took her eyes a few moments to adjust before she was able to make out the woods and the little used, overgrown path that the vamps had turned down. Faith couldn’t figure out what they were doing down here. Their last few nests had been set up decently, decent location, easy access, livestock as an emergency snack, etc. This location didn’t seem to provide any of their normal preferences.

She reached across the console to the other seat and picked up the crossbow, quiver of bolts, and two stakes from the front seat. She pushed open the driver’s side door and stepped out, securing the quiver and crossbow over her shoulder and resting against her back. One stake slid easily into the back of her pants, familiar and comfortable, the second she slid into the front pocket of her jeans. She gently pushed the door to and closed it with a nudge from her hip. No sense in alerting the vamps she was coming.

Carefully Faith made her way down the lane; it was slow going in the darkness and woods. It took her awhile to maneuver through the trail without making any noise due to the cloud covered sky and sliver of moon that barely peeked through every so often. Camp Wetoga was closed for the time being, according to the sign posted at the main gate a mile or so back. Yet the vamps were headed here with a purpose and that didn’t make any sense.

Finally when Faith made it to the end of the trail and to the clearing she discovered the four vampires had already exited their SUV and had formed a semi-circle around a man just outside one of the cabins. They were talking, words loud enough to be heard, but Faith could only catch a few words. She saw the gun held level, unwavering, at Ben, Luther’s second in command and leader of this hunting group. Faith let out a slow breath and really hoped the man didn’t try to fire on them. Shooting vampires only served to piss them off, not hurt them.

The crossbow slid off her shoulder and settled solid and familiar into her hands, fingers flexing on the wood. Slowly she pulled a bolt out of the quiver on her back and slid it into place. The scent of blood immediately filled her nose and she knew it was only a few seconds before the vamps smelled it too.

She pulled it up and sighted down the bolt. She waited only a second to take her shot. The bolt flew off the bow, cut through the dark night and struck Ben in the chest. She saw him jerk with the impact and as he crumpled to his knees Faith rushed in.

She heard two shots ring out and saw two of the vamps stumble back a step. Well it appeared this guy was looking to piss of some vamps. One of the vamps turned toward Faith as she rushed in. Faith met him at a dead run, two hands gripped the crossbow tightly as she brought it up in a sweeping arc and caught him in the face. They both stumbled at the impact, the crossbow cracked and shattered and Faith let it go. She fumbled for her stake, pulling it out of the back of her pants and pushing herself up to her feet. The vampire had regained his footing as well and headed toward her with a mouthful of sharp teeth.

The vamp charged her and Faith met him with a left hook, knocking him slightly off balance. She followed up with a backhanded fist to his face that dropped him to one knee.

“Slayer,” he hissed out.

“Glad to know your kind recognizes trouble when they see it,” Faith told him as she laughed. She moved forward, delivered a snap kick to his head and sent him flying backwards and she settled down over his hips. Her arms rose up and she brought them down, slamming the stake into the vamp’s chest, puncturing his heart.

He laughed at her for a second until pain rippled across his face. “Wood shouldn’t kill me,” he managed to get out as blood bubbled out of his mouth.

“The silver inlays should do the trick though.” She offered him a smirk and swung her leg off him and rose to her feet.

She was tackled down a second later; she collided hard with the ground and the vamp landed on her, knocking the wind out of her. The vamp managed to roll Faith over onto her back and began raining down blow after blow to her face. Faith managed to grab both her fists and they wrestled, rolling over one another, attempting to gain control.

The female vamp ended up landing on top of Faith. “You honestly think we didn’t know you were following us? That we couldn’t smell you on our trail? You’re going to die tonight, Slayer,” she told Faith as she opened her mouth and Faith watched as her human teeth were replaced with a set of sharp, elongated fangs. Faith supposed it had its benefits being this breed of vampires, at least they retained their natural human features.

“If you’d really known I was on your trail, you’d have tried to do away with me a long time ago,” Faith grunted as she tried to wrestle her way out of the hold the vamp had on her.

“Hmmm. I’ll just have to take care of it now,” she said and lunged down at Faith’s neck. Faith struggled harder but wasn’t able to stop the vamp as she sank her teeth into Faith’s neck.

Pain radiated out from the bite, increased as the vamp bit down harder and started to feed. In the frenzy of feeding, the vamp relaxed her hold on Faith’s hands and Faith was able to pull her right wrist free. She brought her leg up far enough that she could reach her ankle where she pulled the knife out of the sheath and plunged in into the back of the female vampire on top of her. The female vamp’s mouth wrenched off Faith’s neck, teeth further ripping the flesh, as her back arched. She weakly struggled to pull the blade out but wasn’t able to reach it.

“Soaked it in dead man’s blood, bitch!” Faith spat at her and shoved the female vampire off of her. Three down, one last evil bastard to go.

The man was getting tossed around but still getting up to take another beating. Faith pushed herself to her feet and put a hand up to her neck. Her fingers came away soaked in blood. “Shit,” she swore and reached down to pull her knife out with a wet squelch. She slid it back into her sheath and made her way over to the fight.

The last vamp had the man pinned up against his huge black truck, mouth latched onto the side of his neck and Faith could hear him sloppily feeding. She reached out, grabbed him by both shoulders and ripped him away. The man cried out in pain, but gave no further acknowledgement of pain as Faith tossed the vampire away. She had a moment to look at the man in front of her as he leaned heavily against the truck to steady himself. She was shocked when she recognized him as Tall, Dark, and Ruggedly Handsome from the bar brawl two nights prior. They had traveled over four hundred miles and yet here they both were, and it was then that Faith realized the vamps had been hunting him.

The vamp grabbed her from behind and she slammed her back and smirked when she heard the vamp’s nose break and heard him cry out in pain. His grip on her released and she was able to spin around, leg sweeping out to take him down.

She grabbed the tire iron that was held useless in the man’s hand. She turned back to the vamp that was trying to crawl toward a handgun on the ground and she let an evil smile come to her lips. Advancing on his crawling form she drove the tire iron down through his back, pinning him to the ground. He struggled, trying to keep moving forward but the metal held and he was trapped. Her neck throbbed as she drove a knee into the small of the vampire’s back, causing his shoulders to arch up despite the rod.

“Luther should know better than to send amateurs to do his work,” Faith whispered in the vampire’s ear as she clamped her fingers around the chin of the vamp in front of her, fingernails digging into the skin, while her other had gripped his hair. She pulled hard with her left hand, snapping his head back toward her while she pushed hard with her right. She twisted with all the strength she had left, and felt the vamp’s neck snap. Still, she didn’t stop pulling until she heard and felt the wet rip of his neck disconnecting from his shoulders and the head came off in her heads. She rose to her feet to avoid most of the spray of blood as the body collapsed back to the group. Faith frowned at the head still in her hands and tossed it to the side. “This breed is a fucking mess to take out,” she muttered, more to herself.

The sound of gunfire registered half a second after the bullet tore through her right shoulder and spun her around to face Tall, Dark and Ruggedly Handsome. The momentum carried her backwards and she tripped over the vampire’s body, unable to keep her balance and fell on her ass. She looked up and met his unwavering cold stare as he kept the gun trained on her.

“Next one’s between the eyes,” he told her as she took a few steps closer, but remained just out of striking range. Like she really wanted to see who was faster, her or the bullet in his gun. Her bet was on the bullet.

“Holy shit, you shot me!” Faith yelled as she clutched her shoulder tightly, blood already starting to seep through the jacket and her fingers. “And you ruined my jacket! What’re you thinking?” There was a hole in the front of her jacket; she guessed she was lucky it was a through and through.

“Christo,” the man said as he kept the gun leveled at her.

“First I save your life, then you shoot me, and now you think I’m possessed?”

“What are you?” he asked, voice low and gravelly and Faith’s insides tingled a little at the sound. That voice was made for giving orders, used to having them followed, and a part of Faith herself ready to instantly comply.

“Faith,” she gave him her name but nothing further. She could see his frustration at the answer she gave.

“No human can rip a vampire’s head off with their bare hands. So again, what are you?” he asked her.

“No ordinary human, sure. Guess it’s your lucky day that I’m different,” she shot back. His finger tightened toward the trigger and she looked past the barrel and to his face. “I’m human. One hundred percent. I just…look if you’ve heard of vampires then certainly you’ve heard of the Slayer.”

“The demon’s boogey monster?” he laughed at the idea. “Just a myth that one evil thing made up to scare another into line,” he added as he took a few steps back and lowered the gun.

“So vamps you’ll accept but not a vampire slayer? You’ve got to be kidding me. Maybe I shoulda let them snack on you. Hopefully not all hunters are as dense as you.”

“Hunters?” he tried to sound confused by the title but it didn’t work.

“Yeah, those of you that come out without any superpowers and hunt demons. Lucky for you I do my homework, Pops.”

It must have been the casual use of Pops that reminded him of their previous encounter. “You! Why’re you following me?” he asked as he leveled the gun on her once again.

“Following you? Don’t flatter yourself. I was in town tracking those vamps,” Faith replied and took her hand off her shoulder long enough to gesture at the bodies strewn around her. She couldn’t help but pull a disgusted face as she realized she was sitting in the remains of one. “I was hunting them because they were hunting something. Guess that something was you.”

“You were hunting them?” he sounded skeptical, sarcastic.

“Yes.” She’d had about enough from the man. This was twice now she’d saved his life and he wasn’t acting nearly grateful enough.

“You didn’t know I was here?”

“Not until that vampire sunk his ugly ass teeth into your neck.”

“Get up,” he told her and motioned with his gun.

Faith took her hand off her arm to push herself up, swaying a little as she righted herself. “What’re you doing out here anyway?” Faith asked as she took him in. He looked pretty beaten and his neck was still bleeding, but he’d survive.

“Came out here to put a ghost to rest that was killing campers. ‘S why the camp’s closed down,” John answered after a moment’s hesitation.

“Done that yet?” Faith asked as she took a step toward him.

“Got interrupted,” he gruffly answered with a nod at the vamps laying around them.

“Well no sense in letting a night go to waste,” Faith suggested and ripped the tire iron out of the vamp behind her. “Iron does the trick on spirits right?”


Six months later…

John never realized it would take Dean to push him over the edge, to let jealousy break through his defenses and let Faith in. He almost wished he hadn't had to call his son in to help take out a pair of shapeshifters.

John sat alone at the small table they’d claimed in the corner of the bar. His back was to the wall and his beer was sweating, starting to turn warm, but he hadn’t been much in the mood to drink. He gave the room another sweep before his eyes settled back on the pool table where Faith and Dean were working on their third game. They’d invited him to play, but three was an awkward number whether at pool or just hanging out. They’d split their first two games and now he imagined they were working on best two out of three.

He’d been worried about how Dean was going to handle Faith and more importantly the fact that he was letting her travel with him while he’d sent Dean off to hunt on his own. He knew Dean acted like it was no big deal to hunt alone, but he knew his son missed the company.

Faith would be the perfect company for Dean, if they didn’t get the other killed by running in half-cocked. Part of him was relieved that they’d hit it off, that Dean’d made some cocky comment about realizing now why he’d been holding out on introducing Dean to his new hunting partner. And Faith had played right into it, eyeing Dean up and down and flirting with him nonstop. Part of John hoped Faith would leave with Dean in the morning now that this hunt was over. Another part of him – one that he didn’t care to further think on – didn’t like Faith even meeting Dean, let alone leaving with him. His hand wrapped around the slick bottle of beer and he raised it to his lips to take several long swallows. Perhaps he felt like drinking tonight after all.

Faith bent over the table to line up another shot and John watched Dean’s eyes drop down to her leather encased ass. Jealousy surged through him, burning his veins. John knew Dean wasn’t the only guy in the bar checking out Faith or Faith’s ass, but John knew that Dean was the only potential threat in the building, knew that despite all the offers Faith’d received over the last several months, she’d never accepted any. Dean said something to Faith and she tilted her head in his direction allowing John to see the smirk curling up her lips, see the amusement and heat dancing in her eyes as she looked up at his son. She said something back and then her eyes cut back through the crowd and locked on John’s. She slowly let her tongue sweep out across her full lower lip and took the shot. John felt his dick twitch in his jeans in interest, at the thought of taking Faith up on what she was offering, still offering after all these months of chasing, of pushing, of walking around naked and pushing every button he had.

Dean won the third game and they placed their pool cues back in the rack and headed up to the bar. As Faith waited for the bartender, Dean leaned in, placing a hand on the small of her back as he whispered something in her ear. She nodded, accepting or agreeing to whatever he said and then he moved away from her side.

He waited until Dean hit the head before he rose from the corner table and made his way to Faith. He slipped into the space that Dean had just left, hip resting against the bar as he invaded Faith’s space and took a sip of his beer. “You gonna fuck him or tease him all night?” he bit out and immediately cursed himself for letting it show how annoyed he was, letting her see just how much it was affecting him that she was flirting with his son.

Faith turned her head in his direction and raised an eyebrow. She studied him for a long moment before shrugging, brown hair sliding off her shoulders to fall down in front of her. “He’s not the one I wanna fuck, Pops.”

Pops. It drove him crazy when she called him that. Every time she said it he could practically feel her lips wrapped around his cock, swallowing him down. His dick took interest every single time that word came outta her mouth. And she knew it. He could see it in her eyes, or when she deliberately eased her tongue out of her mouth to swipe over those full lips. It’d been one time, one time six months ago and he couldn’t get it out of his head, and she wouldn’t let him forget it, forget that she wanted it again.

Well tonight John’d had about all he could take. “Tell the boy we stepped out a smoke and we’ll be back in a minute,” John told the bartender and threw a $10 on the bar. She nodded, slipped the bill in her jeans hip pocket and moved onto the next patron.

“Better be more than a minute, Pops,” Faith muttered as she pushed away from the bar, turned on her heel and headed for the front door.

John followed behind her, eyes on her ass as she deliberately increased the roll of her hips with each step.

She didn’t look back to see if he was following her as she made her way to the dark corner of the parking lot that he’d parked his truck. His dick was swelling, pushing against his jeans with each step he took. She was waiting for him, leaning against the front fender when he reached the truck. There was a wicked look of sin in her eyes, and a pleased, excited smile that she didn’t bother to hide. She realized she’d won, pushed him hard enough to break. He dimly wondered just how much of a monster he’d become that he was about to fuck a girl young enough to be his daughter, a woman that his son had every intention of fucking tonight.

“Took you long enough, Pops,” she muttered as her hands settled on the waistband of her pants and she popped the button.

And John realized he didn’t care.

He moved in close to her, felt her slide her zipper down and then her hands were on him, going immediately to his belt. She had it unbuckled before he blinked, sliding the belt through the buckle so she could get to the button and fly on his jeans. They were open a few seconds later and her lithe dangerous hands were reaching inside, sliding against the heat of his erection.

When she started to slide down the truck, he grabbed hold of her chin, fingers sliding down to tighten around her neck and hold her up, keep her on her feet. “I didn’t come out here to fuck your throat,” he told her and she swallowed hard and gave him a nod. “Turn around,” he whispered and slowly let go of her. His fingers had gripped her hard enough to leave red marks behind, but he knew they’d be gone in a matter of minutes.

She dug into the pocket of her pants and pulled out a small square foil package. It was his turn to swallow hard because she’d been waiting for this, wanting this for some time and he’d denied her, until now. “Gonna need this, Pops,” she said before she turned around, bracing her hands on the hood of his truck and canting her hips back, pressing them against his crotch and grinding.

He held the condom between his teeth as his hands dropped down to her hips, fingers sliding into the waistband and pulling the tight leather down over her ass and down her legs far enough to give him room to work. Her underwear followed next and she shivered as her ass was bared to the night. He left her bare skin long enough to work on his own jeans, shimmying to get them and his boxers down where they pooled at his feet. His dick was hard, straining toward her and wet at the head where precome had gathered. He wrapped his hand around it, gave it a few slow jerks before he tore at the condom package, dropping it carelessly at his feet as he pulled out the rubber and rolled it down over his cock. He jerked a few more times, spreading the lube around before he grabbed her hips, pulling them further out from the truck and sending her scrambling to keep her balance. Once he was satisfied he gripped his dick with one hand and guided it in between her legs. She was wet, sloppy, so hot for him, for this, that he slid in easily after only a few tentative thrusts.

“Fuck,” she moaned once he was fully inside her and she clenched her inner muscles down around his dick and it was John’s turn to moan. “You’ve never done anything until you’ve done a Slayer, Pops,” Faith cockily said as she rocked forward, drawing him out of her before she pushed back, sending him sliding back in.

“Think you’re the best, don’t you Faith?” John asked as he started thrusting against her, setting up the rhythm before she could take control.

“Don’t need to think it,” she replied with a laugh and a roll of his hips.

Pleasure rolled through him as he ground his hips into her, circling before pulling back out and starting again. One of his hands tangled into her hair, gripping the brown strands tightly, pulling hard enough that she gasped and arched her back. The move drove him deeper and they both shared another moan.

He knew this wasn’t going to last long. She’d teased himself for too long. He’d denied himself this for too long with reasons that he couldn’t validate now. His other hand slid around her hip, sliding through the small patch of pubic hair and down between her thighs. His fingers found her clit and she jerked, arching into his hand as he got his fingers wet and started to rub them against her clit and down further, pressing them against the skin where she stretched, parted to allow him to enter her. She shuddered, tilted her head back further, gazing up at the sky, as her orgasm washed over her.

John hadn’t been prepared for it, wasn’t ready for the ripples to squeeze his dick to a point where he wasn’t sure it would survive. It was that pleasure that was almost painful that had him coming too, hips pounding into her as his come filled the condom and he kept fucking his way through his orgasm.

He didn’t expect Faith to be the type to wanna kiss him afterwards. She turned, craning her neck and head to face him, the action causing her to clench around his dick. His hips involuntarily thrust forward and they both shuddered. She let out a breathy moan as her lips connected with his. His hand tightened in her hair, pulling to keep her neck at the odd angle needed to fully kiss her. With anyone else he could have killed them, snapped their neck before they could fully cry out in pain. But now Faith, with her he didn’t have to hold back, to be the man he’d once been before the darkness ruined his life. His tongue slid against hers and he tasted her last beer, her last cigarette, and under that he got his second taste of Faith. It didn’t surprise him that she tasted like cinnamon, fiery with a kick. He thrust his softening cock into her once more, enjoying the almost painful pleasure to his dick and her answering quivers. He broke the kiss, letting her strain after him for another peck before pulling away.

Her tongue slid slowly across her red swollen lips, taking with it a lingering taste of him, before she let out a low wolf-whistle. “Damn Pops. I’m so glad you had it in you. Been dying for that for months.” Her voice was deeper, hormones and adrenaline running through her.

He released her hair and she let her head swing forward to hang as she sucked in a few lungfuls of air. He could feel her heart racing where he was against her back.

He was just about to reach for his dick, for the condom so he could pull outta her, when Dean’s voice broke through the silence of the night.

“Dad?” his boy’s voice was unsure, shocked and hurt.

His head snapped up, barely avoided getting a broken nose as Faith’s came up as well, as he met his son’s gaze. He didn’t get a chance to say anything before Dean spun on his heel and stormed back into the bar.

“Fuck,” he muttered and let his head fall down to rest between Faith’s shoulder blades.

“You could say that,” she dryly replied.


Five months later…

“First dibs on the shower,” Faith called over her shoulder as she slid the key in the lock, jiggled it a little to the right before turning to the left to unlock it.

John pressed close behind her, body almost touching but that sliver of a distance between them to tease her. She shuddered, a slow shiver that rolled through her body. She wanted to push back, grind her ass against him and feel him swell against her. She wanted to tilt her head back, bare her neck for him, feel his teeth sink into her skin and mark her. With an ending shake she let out a slow breath and held herself perfectly still. No, she wouldn’t give him until he gave first.

John’s hand came to rest on her hip as his breath, damp, hot, hit the side of her neck. “We could shower together,” he whispered the suggestion, mouth close enough that his lips just brushed the shell of her ear.

“With the way you smell, I don’t think so,” Faith replied and pushed the door in, stepping away from him and his hand fell off her hip. She tossed the bottle of bourbon on the bed, watched as the bottle bounced twice, amber liquid sloshed around inside.

“And you smell better?” he asked her with a raised eyebrow.

It was supposed to be a simple recon mission. Go out to the marsh and see whether the will-o’-wisp really existed or if it was just the marsh gases and stupid townspeople disappearing into the marsh. Faith had been hoping for stupid townspeople, but things never went her way. They’d taken a dive into the marsh to avoid touching the ghoul’s lantern. And when they’d made it back to solid ground, he’d disappeared. They planned to return tomorrow night to lay him to rest.

“I always smell better than you, Pops.” She kept moving toward the bathroom as she heard the motel door shut and John throw the deadbolt. Once she was on the bathroom tile she grabbed the hem of her shirt, fingers sliding up her sides as she pulled the damp fabric up and over her head. She carelessly dropped it on the floor and reached behind her back to undo her bra. It slid open and Faith shrugged that off into the pile as well. She was bent over to undo the laces on her boots when she caught a whiff of herself and decided John was right, she really didn’t smell any better than he did. Laundry was a must in the morning.

The light dimmed as John’s body crowded into the doorway. He didn’t say anything, just watched as she straightened back up and tossed off her boots and ruined socks. Her belt slid through the buckle with the soft whoosh of leather and landed with a clank next to her boots.

She tossed a glance over her shoulder to see him watching her with hooded eyes as he took a long swallow out of the bottle of bourbon. She popped the buttons on her jeans and eased down the material, thumbs catching the band of her underwear to pull them down too, as she shimmied to step out of the damp material. Her nipples hardened as she stood there on display before she finally stepped forward and turned on the shower. The pipes creaked for a second before the water rushed out with a sputter of air.

She didn’t look back to see whether John would be joining her or not. She knew he’d be in that shower with her shortly, knew it when he watched her undress. It was always a fight with him even after six months of ridiculously hot sex. It made it even hotter each time he gave in and fucked her, gave her some stupid sense of satisfaction that she’d broken through John Winchester’s defenses.

She ducked her head under the spray, let the water wash over her face for a moment before she turned, tipped her head back and soaked her hair. The soap was the first thing she reached for. Fingers wrapped tightly around the slippery bar as she wrapped it inside a wash cloth and got it wet. Slowly, meticulously, she washed her face and then started scrubbing down the rest of her body until the water ran clear and she felt clean. The wash cloth landed with a wet plop against bottom of the tub and the soap returned to dish at shoulder level. She blindly reached down, fingers closing around the tiny cap of her travel shampoo. She unscrewed the top, ignoring it as it slipped out of her hands and bounced toward the drain at her feet. She poured a ridiculous amount of shampoo into her palm and set the bottle back down. She stepped out of the spray and lifted her hands into her hair.

It took two washings to get the worst of the marsh smell out of her hair and even then she swore she could still smell the putrid scent. She was reaching for the conditioner when John pulled back the curtain, letting in cooler air, and stepped in. He held out his hand for the small bottle and she handed it over and turned around to give him her back. She heard him set the bottle back on the ledge and then his hands were in her hair, working the conditioner into the long strands, focusing on the ends before he massaged a little into her roots. She let out a contented sigh, tilting her head back so he could work his magic.

“Go ahead and wash it out,” he murmured after a few minutes.

She turned again to look at him for a moment before she tilted her head back and let the water work through her hair, rinsing away the conditioner and thankfully more of the smell. When she was done she stepped out of the spray looked back at him. He was filthy but she’d never get tired of seeing John Winchester naked in front of her.

“Switch you?” she suggested and pressed herself against the wall so he could squeeze by in the tiny space.

He nodded silently, keeping his eyes on her the entire time as he slid by her and ducked under the shower. She backed up against the back wall of the shower, unabashedly watching him as he tipped his head back and let the water run through his hair and down his body, washing away the first layer of grime.

She expected him to reach for the soap and the clean wash cloth, but instead when he lowered his head and fixed her with a look, her insides tightened in anticipation. He took a step forward and then another until he was almost touching her but not quite. His hands reached out, circling her wrists and forcing her palms flat against the wet tile of the shower.

“Keep those hands to yourself. You touch me and it’s done,” he growled out as he sank to his knees, water landing on his shoulders and running down his chest. His hand pulled at the back of her thigh, urging her leg over his shoulder and spreading her wide open. He made an encouraging sound before he ducked his head forward. Faith moaned at the first swipe of his tongue over her pussy. Her fingers itched to reach out, thread through his hair and yank his head further between her legs and hold it there as he ate her out. She thrust her hips forward instead, using her body to guide him. He chuckled, the sound vibrating against her clit and her head cracked back against the wall in pleasure.

“Stop teasing,” she hissed at him as her eyes tried to focus on the water-stained ceiling above her, anything to keep her from begging.

His tongue picked up the pace, running up and down her slit, but he avoided her clit each time. She let her head roll back down to watch him, watch as his eyes darkened with lust when he did look up at her.

She jumped, sliding slightly in the wet tub when two fingers replaced his tongue and pressed inside her, his other hand tightening on her hip to steady her. She was wet enough that his fingers slid in easily, once and then scissoring and widening on the second pass.

“Fuck,” her voice was ragged already and they hadn’t really started.

“We’ll get to that,” he assured her as he leaned in and wrapped his lips around her clit and his tongue came out to flick against it.

It was perfect as his fingers continued to push up into her and she rocked her hips to screw down on them. It didn’t take long as he continued to suck on her clit and fingerfuck her. She was amped up from the fight, ready to be fucked when he got done getting her off in here, and her stomach tightened. Heat rushed through her chest as her orgasm hit her. She tightened up around his fingers, soaking them further as he worked her though it. Just when she thought her pleasure was gonna turn to pain, John pulled back with one last lick that had her hips jerking and eased his fingers out.

He was smirking around the fingers he was licking clean when her vision finally came back to focus. “Didn’t think you’d really be able to keep your hands to yourself,” he teased her and she laughed, loud and comfortable.

“And miss out on that?” she shook her head and eased her leg off his shoulder and back to the shower floor.

He pushed himself back up to his feet, and she saw he was hard, head shiny with leaking precome, and this time she didn’t hesitate as she wrapped her hand around him and gave him a few firm strokes. His hips jerked forward to thrust into the wet channel she’d created.

His mouth found hers and she opened up, let him kiss her, taste herself on his tongue. He pulled away shortly with a frustrated groan but a wicked look in his eyes. “Bed?” he suggested as his fingers worked between her thighs again and rubbed at sensitive flesh.

“Oh yeah,” she replied.

He gave her a gentle push toward the curtain as he reached down for the wash cloth and soap. “I’ll be out in a second,” he said and Faith nodded.

“Don’t be long. I’ll start without you,” she threatened as she pushed the curtain back and stepped out of the tub. The wet wash cloth snapped against her ass and she jumped, turning around to glare at John but he’d already turned around to face the spray of water and finish his shower.


Faith slowly slid down, taking John’s dick inch by inch until she was fully seated, resting in his lap. “Always feels so damn good, Pops,” Faith muttered and clenched herself around him. He shuddered underneath her and she looked down with a wicked smile. Now this was right where she wanted him, underneath her leaving her to control everything.

John’s hands clenched tighter against her hips, fingers digging in enough to hurt any normal girl, but it was just enough for her.

“It’d feel better if you moved,” he growled as he lifted her, pulling her back up and off his dick. When only his head remained he pulled her back down, thrusting up with his hips to meet her.

“It’s cute that you think you’re in control here,” Faith laughed and began to push up again, thighs tightening to lift her weight.

Her hands skimmed up her sides, stopping to rub her thumbs over her nipples and cup the heavy weight of her breasts while John watched. Her hands left her breasts to tangle in her wet hair as she easily rode John. One of John’s hands came up to clutch one of her swaying breasts. His grip was rough as he squeezed it, quickly flicking his thumbnail across her nipple.

He bent forward, stubble scraping against the sensitive skin as his tongue swiped against her nipple before he sucked it in and bit down. Pain burst sharply across her skin and Faith moaned, “Jesus Pops.” He let her breast out of his mouth with a wet pop. It was red, teeth marks already showing up.

“Wouldn’t do it if you didn’t like it.” His voice was deeper, harsh in his arousal. It had become one of Faith’s favorite sounds.

“And here I was thinking you just liked to hurt me.” She thrust down to meet him, flesh colliding with a slap, and ground herself on him, circling her hips before she forced herself to rise back up.

John was panting, heart thundering as it raced in his chest, and his damp hair spiked up from where he’d run his hands through it. He was watching her, studying her with an intensity that he normally didn’t have during sex. It was being to unnerve so she broke his gaze and tilted her head back, eyes closing as she focused on the sensations of her body rather than what she could see. She could feel the fine tremors running through his body as he drew closer to orgasm, knew he only had a few more moments before he completely gave himself over to the pleasure and she wanted to come with him.

Faith slowly opened her eyes as she slid her hand down between her legs where they were joined, her fingers slid through the wetness, and she twitched as her fingers rubbed against her clit and pleasure spiked through her. She rocked harder, sliding down hard onto John as he pushed up. Her fingers rubbed back and forth against her clit, varying the intensity. She looked down at John, waited until his teeth sunk into his bruised lip and his eyes slipped closed. She pinched her clit between her thumb and forefinger squeezed it enough that her orgasm tore through her. She clamped down around John’s dick, felt his hands tighten around her hips, yanking her down harder against him. He shuddered and she felt his cock swell inside her, felt the warmth of his come fill the condom. She slowed her finger and eased it away from the wet warmth that was sliding down onto John’s stomach.

His hips still twitched and she lazily continued to ride him, working them both through their orgasms. Her head bent, lips finding his, and his eyes slowly opened as he kissed her back. His hands slid up from her hips to tangle in her hair, pulling on the damp strands, not letting her go.


Faith’s eyes cracked open a tiny bit as she woke. It had been the first decent night’s sleep she’d gotten in three weeks while they’d been hunting. The sun was bright as it shone through the crappy motel curtains. Letting out a small sigh in frustration at waking up, Faith burrowed her face into the pillow and reached for John. Her hand slid across the cool stiff sheets, coming up empty. It wasn’t the first time she’d woken up to find herself alone in bed, but after the seeing to she’d given John she’d thought he’d still be sleeping, out for the majority of the day. She pushed out with her senses, searching for John in the bathroom, but came up empty. Breakfast and coffee, perhaps? She hoped he’d hurry back.

With a grunt she pushed herself up, swinging her legs out from under the starched sheets and to the carpet. The world spun, a sharp blinding pain danced between her eyes, and she barely had time to grab the bedside trashcan before her stomach emptied itself. It took a few moments before she was sure she was done. She spat out the foul, acidic taste in her mouth and nudged the can away with her bare foot.

“What the fuck?” she muttered, her hands came up to her face, palms pressing hard against her temples, sinking into her flesh, trying to alleviate the pain. Her stomach rolled, threatening to empty itself again. She swallowed thickly, taking deep measured breaths until the nausea passed.

When the pain subsided she forced her eyes open. There was a bottle of water and aspirin on the bedside table. She hadn’t had that much to drink last night. Just a few swallows of that bourbon John loved. Her hands shook as she reached for the bottle. She struggled with the child proof cap before she finally got it open and shook three pills out. They slid down her throat with a long gulp of room temperature water. She set the bottle down on the table and the red, glowing numbers of the alarm clock caught her attention.

1:15 p.m. What the hell?

She reached for her cell phone, fingers sliding over the cool plastic before she pulled it toward her.

One new voice message was showing on the display. She frowned. Her phone usually woke her up, even out of an exhausted sleep. She swallowed heavily again and flipped her phone open. She hit the voicemail speed dial button, punched in her passcode when prompted, and put the phone on speaker.

“Faith…” John’s voice broke the silence of the room. His voice was odd, strained, as he let out a weary sigh. “There was no good way to tell you, to explain so you would understand. The closer I get to The Demon the harder he’s gonna fight back. This isn’t your fight. Your life doesn’t need to be put at risk while I seek vengeance for my wife’s death.”

“I’m sorry.” He sighed heavily again, taking a deep breath before continuing on. “I’m sorry I got you involved. That I let you get close enough to draw The Demon’s attention. And I’d never forgive myself if you were used against me.”

There was a pause and she could hear him breathing, forced rhythmic breaths. She could almost hear him over-thinking, worrying too much about things he couldn’t control.

“Don’t follow me, Faith. Don’t try to find me. It’s not safe for you to be near me.”

Her fingers tightened around the phone, the plastic creaking under the pressure.

“I’ve got a good head start on you Faith. I’ve put states between us. I had… I drugged you – had to make sure you stayed down long enough for me to get away. I’m sorry Faith,” he apologized and the voicemail ended abruptly as he flipped his phone shut.

Faith stared down in shocked silence at the phone. He’d left her. He’d drugged her, left her defenseless, and ran. She screamed, voice harsh and raw as it ripped out of her throat, the phone flew out of her hand and shattered against the wall.

John had left her. He had left just like everyone else.


Date: 2009-08-20 02:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jya-bd-cp-ttgb.livejournal.com
Wasn't here for the John Winchester part, 'cause I don't like him too much, but I love Faith enough to read damn near anything.

You made the pairing work, up to the point I was almost hoping she was sick with a little nine month surprise, and now I'm gonna sit here and wait for you to write the next chunk - where she calls Dean, goes one way to find John, he goes the other to get Sam and find John, and the massive amounts of ass the two/three of them kick in between.

I'm also wondering if she knows Bobby, 'cause he'd be an awesome father type for her, even if research and books 'ain't her bag.'

Date: 2009-08-20 05:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] satyrnfive.livejournal.com
Haven't read this yet but I felt it important to point out that the title "In The End (it doesn’t even matter)" has a whole new meaning when there is a sexual pairing involved. :)

Date: 2009-08-20 02:49 pm (UTC)
ext_2955: black and white photo of flying birds and a lamp-post (Default)
From: [identity profile] azdaja-dafema.livejournal.com
This is, wow. You fleshed out the characters fantastically. Faith is so IC here, and John! oh John. And Oh Faith! The premise was fantastic and the sex was smoking hot and the end the end oh! The end was the right ending but it was so sad.

small grammar point: "It was being to unnerve so" should probably be "it was being too unnerving so"



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